How to strategically integrate research into the UX design process

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Designing search systems

Design a search system that meets users’ expectations and offers a smooth experience. Learn things to consider when designing search systems.

Affordances in User Experience Design

The word "affordance" recognizes the human instinct to look at their surroundings as a way of achieving their objectives.

Design as a Service for continuous improvement

We invented our way of doing business: DaaS, Design as a Service, a subscription-based fee model to keep the ball rolling, nonstop.

Hobson’s choice: Is “choice” the root of all unhappiness?

What is Hobson’s +1 choice? A Hobson’s choice is the necessity of accepting one of two or more equally objectionable alternatives.  Since a person may not accept what is offered, the customer is actually faced with two options. The first is to take it, it means he or she can buy it. The other option […]

A powerful element in design: Typography

The ultimate goal of design is clear communication. As an experience design studio, we always focus on maximizing the discoverability of information and the legibility of the content. Since words are usually an integral part of our designs this way or another, we want them to convey information in the best way possible. So understanding […]

SHERPA & RST announces partnership!

The first step in solving a problem is to define it, right? We thought so, and that’s why we recently shipped a new productized service, UX Audit, for those who need UX experts to evaluate their digital products from a usability perspective. As we mentioned before, we could not help but keep thinking about the […]

How to conduct user interviews

How to conduct user interviews for user research in UX design. Learn user interviewing tips, and how to prepare for one.

5 Google Analytics tips to improve user experience

5 Disruptive Google Analytics tips to improve the user experience. Learn how to optimize the user experience by utilizing Google Analytics.

Accessibility in user experience design

There is a huge segment of people that designers may disregard when crafting an experience. Let’s briefly explore this usually overlooked concept called “Accessibility”, and see how we could use it in user experience design.

4 misinterpretations about UX strategy

Long term value of UX development is crystal-clear but where does the UX Strategy fit in the big UX umbrella, and why do we need it?

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