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DesignOps from blockchain perspective

While telling why DesignOps is a necessity, I will be referring to blockchain technology and concepts that come along with it such as decentralization and autonomy. 

4 main challenges neobanks are facing

Although neobanks meet many needs, there are still some user and ecosystem-oriented challenges they are facing.

4 ways for a better designer-developer collaboration

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is a success." Henry Ford

Paribu and SHERPA are joining forces

Turkey’s leading cryptocurrency trading platform Paribu has acquired SHERPA, one of Turkey’s most competent design studios.

SHERPA & The Manifest

The Manifest has recently announced their 2021 most reviewed UX and UI companies and we are lucky enough to be featured on this prestigious list.

Counter-intuitive ideas in design

If these "superhumans" had full belief in this invention, it was guaranteed to succeed, right? Wrong.

Is the problem worth solving?

The objective of idea any validation process is to see whether or not target users are interested in your ideas and having real-life problems with which your product idea aspire to solve.

Designing for persuasion

Let’s look at the concept of persuasive design and discover how some of the psychological gimmicks that influence how we behave can be applied to the field of design.

Our Ethos: Design with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is still one of the best tools you can use to conduct quantitative user research to get in-depth insights today.

How to strategically integrate research into the UX design process

Approach UX research strategically & integrate it into the design process to mitigate the risks against understanding the real UX.

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