July 1st 2022, SHERPA 4.0

Mark Twain once said, “I didn’t have time to write you a short letter, so I wrote you a long one.” and emphasized the challenge of writing concisely. I myself had 9 years to write this letter. Now it’s time to honour the master.

AÇEV, Akrep, Alarko Carrier, Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik, ARÇELİK, Atölye, ATP Zenia, Borusan Holding, Brisa, Carnap.ai, CarrefourSA, Çelik Motor, Çetaş Otomotiv, Corendon Airlines, Decathlon, Denebunu, Domino’s, Eczacıbaşı, Elektronet, Estee Lauder, Eureko Sigorta, Fazla Gıda, Gain Media, Garanti Ödeme Sistemleri, Gedik Yatırım, GROUP M, Hackquarters, Hayat Varlık, HBR Türkiye, Hepsiburada, Hepsipay, Hippo, HIS Global, IATA, İş Bankası, Kale, Koç Holding, Koç Sistem, Kom Mayo, Kworks, Mastercard Advisors, Migros, N11, Newport Shipping, Optimum, Protranslate, Samsung Türkiye, Socrates Dergi ve Dijital Yayıncılık Sanayi, TANI, Tatilde Kirala, TEB, TELESURE, Teracity Yazılım, THY, VNGRS, Webrazzi, ZER… 

When I sit in front of the keyboard to write this letter and focus on what we left behind in the last 5 years, I think of the valuable professionals we have had the opportunity to work with from the institutions above, which we have served in order to create a more effective user experience design, I realize that we took each step always to do our best and nothing less. Then I remember over and over again, how over 50 of my companions, with whom I had the chance to walk on this path, put themselves second for SHERPA’s success. I am proud of every pixel we drew, message we sent and hours we spent awake to find a better way. If I had to go all the way back to May 2013, to the days when I had no safety net, I wouldn’t hesitate to ask the same question again, with a heart full of belief: “Are you up for creating Turkey’s best user experience studio?”. How would one describe this? I don’t know. I make do by saying “we accomplished what we aimed for”. 

We won’t stop!

Today, we are launching our new version, SHERPA 4.0 and we bid our POs (Project Owners) a farewell worthy of SHERPA culture. We’ll continue to do what we know best, designing human-system interactions, but from now on only with our friends at Paribu. We joined forces with them on January 1st, 2022, with the highly ambitious goal of designing the world of tomorrow. Together, we will sail out to vast seas full of unknowns, as we have never sailed before.  

Yes, our mission now is even more ambitious. We won’t rest until we build Paribu’s current and new services in the global arena with our teammates from Paribu Technology Team. We won’t stop before designing the most effective human-system interactions for a multi-cultural and highly motivated user group which we aim to grow to 10 million and eventually to 100 million people. And finally, we won’t say “that’s it folks” until both Paribu and SHERPA’s names are cited proudly, or in short, until we have done everything in the name of user experience design. 

As always, to guide and inspire