We are a design studio.

Abiding by our home-cooked design methodology SHERPATH, we challenge ourselves in three areas.

  • İkon Ürün ve Servis Tasarımı Product & Service Design
  • Icon UX Consultancy UX Consultancy
  • Icon UX Training UX Training

Still growing with the excitement of the first day.

On 1 May 2013, we teamed up under the leadership of Yakup Bayrak with a purpose: to design better digital experiences for humans.

Story behind our name.

SHERPA Tenzing Norgay, the guide who showed climbers the right path on reaching the 8,848-meter peak of the Mount Everest, the highest on Earth, helped Sir Edmund make history.

Following his footsteps, we, as SHERPAs, believe in guiding others to fulfil their potential.


A look at the “team”.

A group of highly skilled individuals coming from various backgrounds to achieve one goal:
Simplifying users’ experience, in the most humane way possible.

To us, design is problem solving. And for this very reason, we all see ourselves as designers. That being said, we all carry titles to be a bit more specific when needed...

TEDxReset speech by SHERPA founder Yakup Bayrak in 2016. UX: New Kid in Town

Problem-solving in detail.

Our focus revolves around product & service design, UX design consultancy, and workshop design & facilitation.

Discover, Ideate, Create and Research; are the tenets of our design methodology. We take care of business goals while keeping our ears open to users and their needs. Unearthing concealed needs, that is what makes us different.

SHERPATH, SHERPA design methodology.

We can’t do everything.
No one should.

We do what we do best, understanding users and solving problems. Aside from that, we can make an introduction to our partners for SEO, SEM, Web & App Development services.

Users. And their experience.

Our goal is simple: To create the best experience for the user.

Our design metholodogy was crafted specifically to accommodate the changing needs and motivations. Fine-tuned in each project, it’s our Sagrada Familia, the embodiment of our vision that is never gonna be complete. Yet, we believe, following a tested-and-proven methodology is essential for achieving great results.

Design as a Service?
Yes, it’s possible.

To us, design thinking is a manifest of continuous improvement, and investment in UX should never cease. Period.

The thing is, design studios are not well-equipped for adapting to a changing landscape. No plan survives contact with the enemy and project-based quotes, fee-per-page pricing models do nothing but add up to the complications that arise with a change of direction.


That’s why we invented our way of doing business: DaaS, Design as a Service, a subscription-based fee model to keep the ball rolling, nonstop.

We have principles that define us.

  1. Design
    is problem-solving.
  2. Defining the problem properly is the first and probably our most valuable service.
  3. Time is an irreplaceable resource. We use it wisely.
  4. We do what we’re good at. For the rest, we rely on our highly competent partners.

Partnerships make our competencies stronger.

  • Optimizely
  • Hotjar
  • Usabilla
  • Fullstory
  • Segmentify
  • Visual Website Optimizer
  • Frosmo
  • miro
  • Kriko
  • Baymard Insttiute
  • Tech Circus

We are the first Turkish partner of Optimizely in UX design.

We proudly expand our impact of our UX Analytics, UX Optimization and UX Design services with the power of Optimizely, world’s #1 website optimization platform.

We are proud to be a Hotjar Founding Member!

We had been one of the beta testers of Hotjar, a revolutionary tool providing an affordable and accessible way to truly understand your web and mobile site visitors, which has over 200 thousand users from Startups to Fortune 500 companies in 184 countries today.

Next-generation all-in-one user analytics & feedback solution, Hotjar currently empowers our qualitative analysis process through the session playback, heatmap and feedback poll features.

We hear the Voice of Customer better with Usabilla.

Founded in 2009, Usabilla is the world’s leading digital VoC (Voice of Customer) solution provider, trusted by major brands such as Vodafone, BMW, Samsung, IBM and many more around the globe. With offices in New York, London, Berlin, Amsterdam and Sydney, Usabilla make digital experiences better by empowering enterprises to put their customers at the heart of their strategy.

Surface the most critical pain points that cost your business revenue with FullStory.

We are growing stronger with FullStory’s exceptional software that helps businesses reveal when, where and how customers are having a poor experience.

Boost your sales with the smart recommendations powered by Segmentify.

Looking for ways to find more result-oriented cart optimisation tactics, product recommendations and online media ROI?

Trusted by Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce and many other global e-commerce systems, Segmentify enriched SHERPA’s competencies with superpowers while serving your project for a better UX optimisation.

Now equipped with VWO’s super powers.

Visual Website Optimizer is a powerful website testing and optimization tool from the stables of Wingify; an India based fast-growing software company that makes globally admired technology products. We’ll add our clients to those thousands of businesses around the world, including Microsoft, Lenovo, Walt Disney, Target and Ebay, who use Wingify products.

Rapidity in our fingertips with the power of Frosmo.

Speed is the most efficient power to get you ahead of others. So, are you ready to move faster? Let us optimize your conversion rates with the power of Frosmo.

Design flows, organize content and develop products with Miro.

Whether we are creating journey maps, user personas, empathy maps, user flows, mind maps or content architecture, Miro eases & supports our workflow with its versatility and infinite canvas, big time.

Bring quality traffic for your brand with Kriko.

With their technical, and data-oriented team and “Stop Guessing!” approach to SEO; we trust Kriko, our long-standing partner.

Baymard: 61,000+ Hours of UX Research in our arsenal.

Baymard Institute is one of our go-to resources when it comes to evaluating global benchmarks, and conducting usability analysis.

Proud to be the sponsor of UXCAH events on TechCircus TV.

We're happy to be part of the TechCircus community and sponsor of UX Crunch at Home events. Access online UX events with some of the most recognized speakers and brands live-streamed each month.

We define the problem and design the solution