We design digital experiences.

On 1 May 2013, we teamed up under the leadership of Yakup Bayrak with a purpose: to design better digital experiences for humans.

Since then, we designed dozens of products and services, following our methodology SHERPATH.

SHERPATH, SHERPA design methodology.

Designing the world of tomorrow with Paribu.

At the start of 2022, we joined forces with Paribu to create digital experiences that will shape the world of tomorrow.

Story behind our name.

SHERPA Tenzing Norgay, the guide who showed climbers the right path on reaching the 8,848-meter peak of the Mount Everest, the highest on Earth, helped Sir Edmund make history.

Following his footsteps, we, as SHERPAs, believe in guiding others to fulfil their potential.


A look at the “team”.

A group of highly skilled individuals coming from various backgrounds to achieve one goal:
Simplifying users’ experience, in the most humane way possible.

To us, design is problem solving. And for this very reason, we all see ourselves as designers. That being said, we all carry titles to be a bit more specific when needed...

TEDxReset speech by SHERPA founder Yakup Bayrak in 2016. UX: New Kid in Town


We never compromised our principles and attained many milestones in less than 10 years thanks to our willful attitude.

Sherpa Timeline Sherpa Timeline

Working at SHERPA.

Ata Kayacan

UX Strategist

Being a Sherpa is more than a job. It is a passionate experience where you can see the future while living the present, challenge conventional judgments and never stop focusing on humans. I am proud to be part of an amazing team that shares their time, knowledge and dreams.

Ata Kayacan

UX Strategist

Orhan Arslan

UX Writer

Being a Sherpa means exploring different dimensions in the work area of your mental universe. SHERPA helps you grow and enables you to create meaningful work in a systematic way. The limits of individual and collective development are surpassed here.

Orhan Arslan

UX Writer

Bahadır Dindar

UX Designer

Being part of SHERPA Team also means being part of a culture that loves solving problems in a systematic way, effective communication and documentation. This state of being organized allows each member of the team to learn and inspire from one another.

Bahadır Dindar

UX Designer

Our values.


We aspire to guide users with seamless digital experiences and guide stakeholders with our culture and experience.


We prioritize transparency both inside the team and whilst communicating with outside parties. We believe in creating value by sharing our know-how rather than keeping things to ourselves.

Solution mindset

Sherpas know the significance of identifying the problem correctly and take responsibility in finding the solution, almost as a reflex.

Human and system centricity

It's always "people first" here in SHERPA. If a better way of doing things exist, we don't hesitate re-designing our systems from scratch.

Join our team

We’re open to everyone who learns from their experiences and who is up for learning more.