We are a digital design studio.

We are an Istanbul & London based digital design studio, focusing on user experience design. We design unique user and customer experiences.

Still growing with the excitement of the first day.

On 1 May 2013, we teamed up under the leadership of Yakup Bayrak with a clear purpose: to design ideal digital interfaces for human-computer interaction focusing on user experience design.

SHERPA continuously evolved and thrived with the new team members and new services since then. There was one thing that never changed for us: The excitement we had on our first day.

Users. And their experience.

Our goal is simple: To create the best experience for the user. It’s hard as well.

Whatever your product or service is, users are in the center of your business. So is the experience you present them.

Amazing visuals, mind blowing copies or an extraordinary interaction: all these merge in order to create a fine balance.

The success of your product, services or your business depends on your user’s experience. So, whatever we do is to help you provide your users a better experience.

Good user experience delivers success.

Designing a better user experience comes with its own measurable outputs. Instead of relative approaches, investing in your user’s experience returns as solid benefits to you business or startup.

It even changes the entire game most of the time.

Partnerships make our competencies stronger.

We are the first Turkish partner of Optimizely in UX design.

We proudly expand our impact of our UX Analytics, UX Optimization and UX Design services with the power of Optimizely, world’s #1 website optimization platform.

We are proud to be a Hotjar Founding Member!

We had been one of the beta testers of Hotjar, a revolutionary tool providing an affordable and accessible way to truly understand your web and mobile site visitors, which has over 200 thousand users from Startups to Fortune 500 companies in 184 countries today.

Next-generation all-in-one user analytics & feedback solution, Hotjar currently empowers our qualitative analysis process through the session playback, heatmap and feedback poll features.

Rapidity in our fingertips with the power of Frosmo.

Speed is the most efficient power to get you ahead of others. So, are you ready to move faster? Let us optimize your conversion rates with the power of Frosmo.

Boost your sales with the smart recommendations powered by Segmentify.

Looking for ways to find more result-oriented cart optimisation tactics, product recommendations and online media ROI?
Trusted by Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce and many other global e-commerce systems, Segmentify enriched SHERPA’s competencies with superpowers while serving your project for a better UX optimisation.

Now equipped with VWO’s super powers.

Visual Website Optimizer is a powerful website testing and optimization tool from the stables of Wingify; an India based fast-growing software company that makes globally admired technology products. We’ll add our clients to those thousands of businesses around the world, including Microsoft, Lenovo, Walt Disney, Target and Ebay, who use Wingify products.

We hear the Voice of Customer better with Usabilla.

Founded in 2009, Usabilla is the world’s leading digital VoC (Voice of Customer) solution provider, trusted by major brands such as Vodafone, BMW, Samsung, IBM and many more around the globe. With offices in New York, London, Berlin, Amsterdam and Sydney, Usabilla make digital experiences better by empowering enterprises to put their customers at the heart of their strategy.

Surface the most critical pain points that cost your business revenue with FullStory.

We are growing stronger with FullStory’s exceptional software that helps businesses reveal when, where and how customers are having a poor experience.

Design flows, organize content and develop products with Miro.

Whether we are creating journey maps, user personas, empathy maps, user flows, mind maps or content architecture, Miro eases & supports our workflow with its versatility and infinite canvas, big time.

Bring quality traffic for your brand with Kriko.

With their technical, and data-oriented team and “Stop Guessing!” approach to SEO; we trust Kriko, our long-standing partner.

Baymard: 61,000+ Hours of UX Research in our arsenal.

Baymard Institute is one of our go-to resources when it comes to evaluating global benchmarks, and conducting usability analysis.

Proud to be the sponsor of UXCAH events on TechCircus TV.

We're happy to be part of the TechCircus community and sponsor of UX Crunch at Home events. Access online UX events with some of the most recognized speakers and brands live-streamed each month.

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