Paribu and SHERPA are joining forces

Turkey’s leading cryptocurrency trading platform Paribu has acquired SHERPA, one of Turkey’s most competent institutions in the creation and design of user experience strategies for digital products and services.

Continuing its activities with the motto “This is the world of tomorrow” and with more than 5 million users, the technology company Paribu has acquired the experience design studio SHERPA, which has an important place in the marketing and digital communication sector. DAM Information Technologies Inc. SHERPA, which provides user experience design services for digital products and services, first in Turkey and then all over the world, with the mission of “guiding and inspiring”, has been Paribu’s business partner since 2020. SHERPA, which carries out studies on the user experience of Paribu’s next generation web and mobile application, will start its activities within the body of Paribu as of January 2022.

“We care about user experience”

Mentioning that Paribu will start many new projects in the near future and aiming to achieve a perfect customer experience in these projects, Paribu CEO Yasin Oral explained that with this perspective, they added SHERPA to Paribu as a strategic move.

Oral stated that this move is also one of Paribu’s steps towards globalization and made the following statements:

“Our performance in the Turkish market has brought us to a remarkable position on a global scale. We continue our efforts at full speed to carry our success in the local market to a global scale. In our globalization journey, our focus has always been to bring the practical and reliable to our users. In line with this understanding, the importance we attach to user experience reaches a different dimension with the fact that SHERPA is our subsidiary. With SHERPA, Turkey’s most competent institution in its field, we will better analyze what and how our users want, and we, as Paribu, will continue to grow without slowing down.”

“We’ll join Paribu on their mission to build tomorrow’s world”

Yakup Bayrak, who seems to be proud to have taken part in this monumental moment for the Turkish blockchain ecosystem shared: “We’ve been working with Paribu for the last three years when they approached us and shared their future plans with a simple offer: “Let’s build tomorrow’s world together.” It’s great to merge with a company that has the same cultural values as we do, and this merger is a very strong indicator of the importance given to user experience design in Turkey. Upon Paribu sharing their offer, we simply responded that we’d be proud to embark on this exciting journey by preserving our very essence as a design studio. We’ll not only be working on financial technologies and products but also strive to build a better “tomorrow” together.”

Similar M&A deals

More often in recent years, we’ve been witnessing such acquisitions around the world, big companies acqu-hiring design studios. In 2013, Accenture acquired design studio Fjord, making the firm one of a growing list of multi-faceted companies. Adaptive Path, a San Francisco-based design studio, was acquired by financial firm Capital One in 2014. The consulting firm McKinsey acquired Lunar, one of Silicon Valley’s oldest design firms, in 2015. In early 2016, IDEO joined the kyu collective. ServiceNow acquired Digital Telepathy, a design firm in San Diego to improve its own user interfaces and transfer experience know-how in 2017. And most recently, this year, financial services company Stripe acquired award-winning digital design and development agency Rally Interactive.


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