The basis of human-oriented design: Needfinding

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Got a good idea? Test it!

The test-driven approach allows you to make decisions based on data and reduce the risk you take instead of basing on your intuition.

Why don’t we organize any meetings on Monday & Friday?

“no meeting days” rule is not an arbitrary one but a SHERPA way of working to serve better.

We hear the Voice of Customer better with Usabilla partnership

As SHERPA, we are proud and happy to start working together with Usabilla, which we have been following and appreciating their works for a long time.

Decathlon, the innovative sports brand, is now stronger with us!

The world's leading and Turkey's largest sports clothing and equipment retailer Decathlon and SHERPA started to work together.

Creating value through sustainability in design

To produce not instantaneous, but long-term and continuous solutions, it is necessary to focus on sustainable design to create new values.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure

Skipping the user research process costs way more than conducting actual research.

Customer’s best experience reveals your brand story

There are many ways to tell the story of your brand, but inviting your customers to experience this story makes it stand out from the crowd.

When is the customer right?

If you are a traditional salesman, it might be useful to think that your customer is always right and to do everything to make them happy. But...

Circular design: An introduction

Nature constructs circular systems while humans set up linear ones. For this reason, there is no “waste” in nature.

The intricacies of preparing a proper survey

One of the most flexible and practical research methods is undoubtedly the survey. However, the question is: How reliable are the results of your study?

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