You can’t manage what you can’t measure

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Customer’s best experience reveals your brand story

There are many ways to tell the story of your brand, but inviting your customers to experience this story makes it stand out from the crowd.

When is the customer right?

If you are a traditional salesman, it might be useful to think that your customer is always right and to do everything to make them happy. But...

Circular design: An introduction

Nature constructs circular systems while humans set up linear ones. For this reason, there is no “waste” in nature.

The intricacies of preparing a proper survey

One of the most flexible and practical research methods is undoubtedly the survey. However, the question is: How reliable are the results of your study?

SHERPA emerging as a global design company

After conducting interviews with our previous clients, Clutch has given SHERPA a rating of 5 stars.

The 9 key steps of customer experience (CX) journey mapping

Now, we are going to analyse the CX journey mapping process in 9 steps by using basic concepts.

Entrepreneurs’ compass: User experience survey

You turn your idea into a product or service, and you offer it to your users. We've come to the most exciting point! Will your users use your product or service?

What is confirmation bias and how does it affect our decisions?

Confirmation bias or confirmation prejudice is a tendency to seek out information that confirms one's own desires, ideas and convictions.

Which one suits your project better: Use case or user story?

Should we write Use Cases or User Stories in the UX documentation?

Content writing or copywriting, that is the question

So here we are, with two terms which are often mistakenly used interchangeably.

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