User flows: Veins of experience design

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Transcending limits: the SHERPA way of problem-solving, remotely

Two things are critical when working remotely: Collaborating with low latency and collecting feedback swiftly. We focused on these two from the day one to stay on top of the expectations.

UX in e-commerce: Horizontally bound vertical blocks

Working on vertical blocks of your e-commerce product will facilitate the experimentation process. Yet, each team must be in unison when it comes to horizontal connectedness of the product.

Feedback or didn’t happen: How we use VoC solutions?

Despite the numerous benefits of having daily harvested feedback from your users, feedback collection comes into the picture with two essential questions.

The Last IA Master: Ben Terrett

If you don’t know Ben yet, I’ll guarantee that you’ll be more than glad to know him. If you do know him already, you’ll find the chance to read about the behind-the-scenes.

Our path to good design: SHERPATH

Have you designed how you design? We know it sounds like a nursery rhyme, but this is a question worth thinking about.

Is it possible for digital products to communicate with users in a non-robotic manner?

The primary element that determines the quality of UX is the communication that a product or service establishes with its users.

SHERPA named top creative and design agency in Turkey by Clutch

In light of our success, we’ve been named one of the best design services in Turkey by Clutch!

Biomimicry: A sustainable world already exists

The question of what should be a reference for designs that can adapt to severe changes and create a robust framework is still on the table.

Not versus, but together: Redefining collaboration with in-house UX teams

It’s even better when our clients have an in-house UX team. Yes, that’s right, because we know that the more the merrier.

The basis of human-oriented design: Needfinding

At the basis of human-oriented design lies the needs of the users and the issues that are experienced when trying to meet these needs.

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