About the project

You can think of Koalay.com as a service that scours a wide range of insurance companies and presents you the most suitable quotes, and the option of buying your insurance online. This lets you save time and energy which is probably better than a chocolate cake in these days of the city life.

Koalay also wants to be simple and easy to use for its customers as it offers these services to them. And that was the exact point where SHERPA came on the scene.

Our Services

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • UX Engineering
  • UX Analytics
  • Growth Hacking (by DAM Growth Hackers)

Team play.
That’s how we roll.

As a professional design studio that believes in the power of collaboration, we were excited from the beginning of the project because we were going to be a part of a great team composed of Telesure, Alice BBDO, Proximity, Bentaş and Stradiji. The team was brought together to turn the idea of ‘Koalay’ into an online service.

As a player of this spectacular team, SHERPA | Digital Design Studiowas asked to give Koalay, an experiential identity in accordance with the user flow map and to design user interfaces by looking at the experiential process of the service as a whole. In short, our duty and the main challenge point was to make sure that the entire flow and the infrastructure were designed to make the process as easy as possible for the user and answer the following questions;

  • How can we make the process of buying insurance policy easy to understand?
  • How can we tell the benefits of Koalay.com to the user in the best way?
  • How can we express Koalay.com’s data and information security and its special approach to that crucial matter?

Koala Cengiz:
The new guy in town

After a few fruitful meetings with the big team, we grabbed the main promises of Koalay to the potential customer, along with creative ideas on the effect Koalay wants to leave on its target audience. This was made easy partly with the help of the mascot, Koala Cengiz. When it was first introduced to us, we had ‘the eureka moment’ on the main idea behind Koalay.com. This was the one and the foremost thing we should build its experiential identity and the whole process of the user experience upon:

Koalay makes it possible to achieve things easier and faster in a shorter time and with a tiny effort.

Koala Cengiz

This was obviously an innovative approach to the traditional insurance industry, as well as to the old fashioned perception in the consumers’ minds.

We continued by bringing the promise of the brand and the product together under the same roof by working on Koalay’s experiential identity, keeping the brand essence in mind. It was basically a periodical table of experiential elements and our goal was to create a unique chemistry as a result of the reaction between all these elements.

Seeing each and every element of the process in their right places, we worked on a detailed user flow map in collaboration with the Koalay team by trying to examine the flows for the every possible use case.

At the end of the first phase, using the spot sentence “Everything must be koalay!” (utilizing the word ‘kolay’ meaning ‘easy’ in Turkish) as our Northern star, we went on with mixing our experiential ingredients in order to come up with a visual interface. After reaching a consensus over the visual aspects such as language, colour, typography and negative spaces, we designed the user interfaces and made them ready for front-end development. Using our object oriented design approach as an advantage, we could help optimising the front-end development processes to make Koalay ready for its launch.

Llewelyn Padiachy
Llewelyn Padiachy

Koalay.com - General Manager for Sales & HR

As a new entrant into the Turkish Market, SHERPA | Digital Design Studiomade it easy for our company to transition from conceptualisation to deployment in a foreign market. Their work ethic and dedication lives up to their company name. During all interactions, SHERPA | Digital Design Studiomade us feel comfortable and not overwhelmed by their new concepts. They delivered exceptional results in short time frames and were available after hours as well, which is key at putting a customer's mind at ease during the stressful period of designing a website within short deadlines.

I would definitely recommend SHERPA | Digital Design Studioto anyone looking at designing a website where User Experience is the driving force behind the strategy.

UX design
never ends.

After that first phase of absorption and preparation, the 1.0 version of Koalay.com went live but our partnership did not end there. In fact, we were feeling that our work was beginning then with the joy of a successful partnership.

As our partnership was going at its full pace, we saw that there can be some parts that needed to be improved, and we decided that it would be the best and the most efficient way to get the information and the insight on the usability from the spring of this information: from the end user. Keeping that in mind, we started working on the second phase that we define as the UX Optimization Process.

This was mainly a part of hacking Koalay’s growth. Once DAM Growth Hackers and Koalay’s Growth Team handed us their experiment backlog full of hypotheses, we started doing a user research study by collaborating with our friends at uxstud.io for the following steps;

  • Key potential user profiles (personas) were identified.
  • User flows and scenarios that need to be tested were defined.
  • Personas were matched with those scenarios and the test users were found.
  • User tests were performed and the results were saved.
  • The test experiences were analyzed and reported.
  • The problems and the risks were evaluated together with the project owner.

After evaluating the user research reports, we kept working iteratively and followed a sprint based development process, in order to achieve an experience that would be easiest and the most practical for the user. Taking each step of the user’s journey into account, we came up with suggestions on the content, the user experience and the user interfaces, as well as the interaction patterns.

Thanks to our iterative design process, we found the chance to observe each and every step of progress in the process by releasing after each sprint.

The numbers say it all.

User experience design never ends and it needs to continuously evolve over time depending on the improvements in the service and the users’ expectations. But to get a glimpse of what we’ve achieved so far, let’s have a look at the numbers.

The following results reflect our achievements between the period of 01 - 31 March 2015 and 01 - 31 July 2015:

  • Rise in sharing the communication information %28
  • Rise in giving the identity number %79
  • Rise in viewing the proposals %26
  • Improvement in page load times on desktop %30
  • Improvement in page load times on mobile %23
  • Improvement in page load times on tablet %33
  • Progress in the total conversion %55

The successful achievements - as a result of our collaborative productivity - lightened our way to further cooperation with the Koalay team. As we’re trying to keep up the good work, our content management team has joined the big team in order to improve our service by adding a new dimension to the content and content strategy.

We are all excited to see what’s next.