A fresh approach to smart home experience in IoT era

In collaboration with Arçelik, we designed an end-to-end smart home experience for the next-generation of HomeWhiz that is enriched with new features and now connected to even more IoT devices.

We collaborated with a wide group of experts from different disciplines within SHERPA. This long-term project will also achieve great success owing to SHERPA’s expertise, contributions, and quality deliverables.

Özgür Mutlu Öz

Arçelik, UX/UI Design Manager


A brand new kitchen experience

Beko introduced Vega Oven to transform cooking into a wonderful experience and we’ve designed a simple & customizable user interface for you to enjoy this technology. Everything will be under your control in the kitchen now.

We thank the SHERPA team for paying meticulous attention to our requests during the process; questioning when needed, and replying in a quick & qualified manner at all times.

Özgür Mutlu Öz

Arçelik, UX/UI Design Manager


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