About the project

Istanbul based user experience design studio SHERPA, the first Turkish partner of Optimizely in UX design; recently started working for Zingat.com, the first professional real estate network of Turkey. Zingat has been targeting to offer much better desktop and mobile experiences to their users, and increase their conversion rates.

Zingat and SHERPA started working together to design the smartest real estate platform of Turkey, with help form Optimizely’s powerful A/B testing capabilities for validating the impact of every incremental change, improving Zingat customer experience and conversion optimization.

Our services

  • Requirements Discovery Analysis
  • User Experience Analysis
  • UX Strategy and Design

More chances of interaction
in galleries

The goal was to increase the conversion rates of the mobile users who view the photo galleries of the ads. To make a big difference with a small addition, SHERPA came up with this hypothesis:

In mobile visits, extending each image gallery by adding a slide with “Call” CTA would increase the interaction rate of users with the ad owner.

Then started testing the original version, versus the “CALL button added” version of the mobile image gallery.

Zingat.com Mobil İlanlar Fotoğraf Galerisi

Both versions of the ad are visited by almost the same number of users in the same time period of 2 days:

Optimizely Kullanıcı Sayıları
  • At first glance, a slight decrement of 1% is observed in engagement which may be considered occasional.
  • Then to gather detailed information, decided to focus on the “Click to Call” button added version and observed that only 0.92% of the users had interacted with the last slide.
  • To determine the amount of overlap between two possible call interactions in our variation, SHERPA made use of Optimizely’s Google Analytics integration and saw that the size of overlap was negligible.
  • So it’s decided to add the “Click to Call Button” inside the gallery.

The conversion rates immediately increased and after 1 month results are observed very clearly: The addition of the “Click to Call Button” dramatically increased the conversion rates of received calls for sale ads by 157.1% and received calls for rent ads by 77.7%.

The new “Click to Call Button” placement has brought the interaction option right in front of the users while browsing ad images and enabled more visitors to get in contact with real estate consultants. The button placement was a small action that turned out to be total success.

A little less call to action
A little more interaction

The main challenge was to optimize the communication process and as the first step: Questioning the necessity of the 3 contact alternatives (SMS, Call and E-mail) at this point. SHERPA came up with this hypothesis:

Reducing the number of CTA’s in the mobile listing page, will increase the button interactions.

Then started testing the original version versus the “call only” and “e-mail only” versions of the mobile ad listing pages:

All 3 versions of the listing are visited by almost the same number of users in the same time period:

  • Clicks are on the rise: The “e-mail” button has a conversion rate of 0.65% in the original version and this increases to 1.44% in the “e-mail only” version. The rate of increment is 122.8% which gives a hint of removing some buttons might be a good idea. Also, the rate of interaction with the single button has beaten the cumulative rate of interactions with 3 CTAs (1.36%) by 6%. Also the "image clicks” does not suffer from this increment.
  • The bigger impact is observed here: The “call” button has a conversion rate of 0.32% in the original version and this increases to 1.97% in the “call only” version which means conversions are increased by 508.8%, beating the total interaction rate of the original version by a whopping) 44.8%!

Finally, actualisation of the hypothesis dramatically improved the conversion rates. After the live deployment, a major jump in conversions has occurred and this can be clearly observed in the graph above.

Small changes
make a big difference

With those successful hypotheses, proved with the test results; we achieved more than 4x increase in conversion rate for our “click-to-call” goal and proved that the small changes really make big difference. We saved our time and effort for working on other branches of the project.

Halil Uzundal
Halil Uzundal

Zingat.com - Director of Product Management

Starting with extensive diagnoses and researches on the optimization process; working with SHERPA team in every phase of our project made us stronger. The detail oriented and direct conversion targeted solutions that SHERPA provided, just started to yield right away and ensured return on our investment in a very short term.