Usability for everyone

The vehicle at the centre of the project is called Well and it is a special kind of marine vehicle having a special infrastructure for the use of handicapped people. There was the idea of overcoming the obstacles by standing together and bringing seas within reach for everybody at the core of this project called Wellabled Yacht Construction and Management. As the ones who put the user experience at the centre of their business and who keep thinking about this issue of usability all the time, we were going to be ready for the update process of the website of Wellabled.

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Accessibility for everyone

Our main goal for this project involving the renewal of the website of Wellabled was to work in accordance with the core idea of the project and its nature and at the end to bring a website to life which goes hand in hand with this idea. That means, the website had to be in a way that is apt with the nature of this project which is all about overcoming the obstacles, making the usability better and making the life more reachable for everyone

Searching for our way

At the starting point of the renewal process, we devoted ourselves to discovering the limits of the accessibility and usability. Any other way was impossible at that point for us because it became one of the biggest temptations that we had to see the impact of that kind of project on our lives and the doors that would be opened in our minds. By coming together as a whole team often in short periods, we looked for and worked on the standart and the current approaches inside the world of the digital about the issue of accessibility and usability. While doing that we kept taking our notes for the end of that phase: Creating a route and a setup for the ultimate end.

Koray Arslan
Koray Arslan

Wellabled - Social Media and Communication Manager

Actually, I had no idea about the difficulty of a website creation until this project. We cannot see in the course of our daily lives that there are tons of technical details and design options to think over with care. I realized and learned those from you while we were conducting the project together. With the case of accessibility, I saw that I was only at the beginning of the road while I thought that I knew so much about this issue.

Wellabled is a inordiary project in so many ways. It should be a casual and standart in a global sense but it becomes unique because of the lack of anything like it. For a project like this, you cannot think of a regular web site. Through this whole production and design process, we learnt so many things from each other and a beneficial thing came into surface. We contributed to the improvement of humanity that should be going in accordance with the universal design principles.

Thank you.

Creation phase

After we decided upon our main route and on our construction for the main telling of the site, it was the time for design and development on our way that we had began with the idea of taking care of the bottlenecks and being accessible for everyone.


Over completing the works as to the information architecture, there came the works that had to be done with the wireframes and all the details of the general view of the site. All those were handled with the utmost care and the final shape of the site began to be seen by the naked eye.

Sky is the limit

Above all, it was a chance for seeing our limits and trying to deal with them efficiently. Having a website presenting an easier usage for everyone by abolishing the obstructions in the way in parallel with the main idea behind the name of the project Wellabled. And we think we did it. Besides that end result, it was a pleasure for us what we experience throughout the road that brought the idea of living our lives more and more fruitfully.