About the project

Radore, is one of the long term clients of ours. But this time, they knocked on our doors for a whole new request. They asked us to fuse all 5 Radore websites into one single web entity, which needs to adapt to mobile viewports. Challenge accepted!

Our services

  • Content Strategy
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • UX Engineering
  • Backend Development (Net İşler)

A website fusion

Radore, Turkey’s faster growing data center since 2012, had 5 different websites for different purposes at the time they knocked on SHERPAs’ doors. Their request from us was quite a challenge: “Let’s merge all these websites into one adaptive website, Radore.com”.
As you all know, we love challenges here in SHERPA.

We’re sure you can guess how big information a major data center needs to provide. Lots of services, lots of products, a wide range of information and of course, product configurators. All under the same roof!

short distance runs

SHERPA’s sprint based workflow

Here in SHERPA, we divide our solution plan into managable sections. Therefore, especially when designing complex experiences such as Radore corporate website, we initiate production with a consistent and productive plan.

Thanks to our 2 week sprints during designing Radore website, we took advantage of receiving feedback frequently, being able to assign different processes to different teams simultaneously. So that we were able to optimize our process and save time.

Who? What? Where? How?

Our design process is based on a methodology: we firstly define the problem, then move on to designing the solution. Prior to the design process, we analyzed the different aspects of the user experience at the time and the one we were planning to design.

Let’s take a closer to our approach.

Getting to know our users

The first thing we did was to define our personas, so that we would identify our users in order to analyze their behaviour.


Digital Marketing
Measurement Plan

Then came the process of defining our Digital Marketing Measurement Plan. This was not an easy job especially once you have plenty of different segments and solution packages at hand. So we gathered around the same table with the Radore team in order to define our KPIs, followed by defining our conversion funnels.

Our DMMP design was based on AARRR (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, Referral) metrics

User Journey Map

First of all, we pinpointed their existing journey - and the problematic areas - to be able to come up with the right user journey. In order to create a brand new user journey, we highlighted all the desired behavioural patterns by creating a detailed user journey map. The reason behind this was to develop empathy and to provide an efficient experience by presenting the information in the most simplistic way to our users, especially the ones with less knowledge about the services Radore provides. Therefore, our goal was to give an optimum amount of information during the time that users spend on the website.

Our user journey map was the core of our design strategy.

Designing the solution

We use the term “design” as a reference to designing solutions for the problems we identify. For that, we follow a content first user experience design approach.

Let’s take a look at our design workflow in detail.

Content first

In order to create an efficent storytelling as well as a consistent information experience, we conducted a content strategy design process. Based on this content map, we defined the possible content patterns and anti-patterns. After this intense process, the Radore team prepared the information which they would like to provide the users keeping these content templates in mind. Additionally, they shared all the product configurator algorithms with us in order to inform us on the technical infrastructure that the interactive elements should be based on.

A visual and functional hierarchy

Then we moved on to creating a brand new visual hierarchy and well thought interactions for desktop, tablet and smartphone viewports. Our wireframe designs came to the help: a brand new content strategy with simple form experiences.

Did we forget mapping redirections from the old websites? Sure we didn’t. That’s how we roll!

Radore Wireframe

A visual taste of the branding

After designing wireframes, our designers worked their magic for a brand new user interface, keeping it consistent with the branding guidelines.

Radore Anasayfa


A design becoming a reality

Net İşler, a fellow company of talented web developers were the ones who took care of the frontend development as well as the data binding. We love working with talented people!

A measurable success

We don’t accept immeasurable progress as success. Therefore, we built an analytics infrastructure in order to be able to measure the performance of users' actions on the new Radore website experience towards reaching the business goals which were previously declared on the DMMP. Finally, we've delivered a custom dashboard for conveniently tracking relevant performance indicators and handed out alongside a Digital Analytics Guideline as a reference for maintaining the measurement terminology.

We hope to see a measurable success with the new Radore website!

Görkem Öztürk
Görkem Öztürk

Radore - Director of Marketings

If you’re looking for a team that can produce your digital assets with an engineering approach, better knock on SHERPA’s door. Their expertise is not only based on the online world. You can expect them to design a holistic experience without leaving the offline aspects out of the scope. They are the right people to discuss about marketing, the consumer and the purchase journeys or to evaluate your customers’ purchase decisions. Because they know that customer experience doesn’t only consist of just a website, a landing page or a mobile application. Everything’s based on analysis, tracking and reporting. Therefore, if you’re looking for a purely cosmetic solution, you may have trouble working with them.

All the projects we’ve executed with SHERPA were clearly defined from start to finish, with measurable targets. We’re glad that we entrusted SHERPA with our targets rather than leaving them to chance.

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