The difference is in the features

What Beko wanted was to get the answer to this question and to see the real point going to arise from those potential answers for their new generation product Superia Line to be underlined for the user : how can a product like a washing machine that is thought to have no critical difference on the surface be really different? Beko made it and created the most different and the most special washing machine by the help of the new ProSmart Inverter technology. We needed to introduce this product with the highest possible usability in accordance with its inspiration coming from the nature to help the human being at the heart of the modern life.

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Enyoy the technology at
the heart of nature

We shaped our core goal after some think thank process with Beko. We agreed on creating a microsite to introduce Beko’s Superia Line and its special feature set of Beko engineering. This site had to underline the human friendly side of this product with both its own high usability and its content. Also the special feature set of the product had to be shown in a unique way to underline their importance on the inspiration coming from the nature and the effect of its on the human nature.

Pastoral storytelling

As a first step, we needed to create the setting for the story and the telling of the site. We decided to put the story to the heart of nature in accordance with what we were trying to talk about and to make the nature a set for our play that was coming soon for its audience. We were going to start from the heart of nature with the help of a mobile adaptive installation and throughout the process we were going to bring it to the fun and cozy family home in which Superia Line had a special place of its own as a family member.

Beko Washing Machine

It was important for us at that point that it had to be fully available and usable for especially mobile user. This brought the necessity of handling both the visual and the storytelling side of the site carefully. With those in mind, we created a storytelling in which this nature friendly washing machine coming from the heart of its creation, from nature, into the house in which it will serve to people in a fun and human friendly way

Ayşegül Bilgen Şamiloğlu
Ayşegül Bilgen Şamiloğlu

Beko - International Digital Marketing Expert

We think that, “Beko Washing Machine Microsite” project we accomplished with SHERPA | Digital Design Studiohas improved our brand one step further. Their project management methodology played a big role in this success, as well as their close communication with all Beko teams participating in this project. They thought all the components of the project in detail with their proactive approach, making us feel comfortable and providing a highly satisfactory product. Thanks to the entire SHERPA | Digital Design Studioteam.

Design process

We started an adaptive design process in accordance with our setting and the way of telling our story that we had created by paying attention to its usability standarts. The process starting with the creation of some first step sketches went on with wireframe creation and the design and the development of interface design screens.


One other thing that we paid special attention for the sake of an easily usable site was the use of Side Menu Navigation. This was going to be traced by the new set of icons for those special features of the product. Because one of the main goals of the site was to introduce those features.

From the heart of nature to an award

This micro site that we had designed and brought to life got what it deserves right away. It got some remarkable remarks on so many platforms after its publication and got some high standart conversion rates. And those were followed by an award from the AWWWARDS and that made us really honoured.