About the project

The emergence of next-generation induction cooktops has completely changed the cooking experience. Since then, the controllers of those cooktops haven’t changed much. So Grundig and BEKO made a decision to change the controllers and the user interfaces of next-generation cooktops with the guidance of new technology to provide a better user experience.

The cooktop interfaces of these two global brands should definitely be both easily understandable and usable for all users all around the world, while highly aestethic to reflect the newest technology. Accordingly, with Arçelik design team, we embarked to design “dot matrix” and “seven segment” display based, user-friendly interfaces for Grundig ve BEKO cooktops.

Our services

  • UX Design
  • UI Design

User oriented design

In the UI design process, first of all we observed the cooktop usage habits and behaviors of the users of different experience levels from different demographic groups. We set up user stories, considering both the usage patterns and expectations, and placed those stories into our design process as base.

Beko İndüksiyon Ocak Arayüzü Beko İndüksiyon Ocak Arayüzü

The interface that we were designing, should have been speaking clearly to everyone who wants to use those cooktops; so that designing a language-independent user interface became our priority. We chose a simple and practical design concept, including digitally transformed versions of conventional controllers and also globally acknowledgeable symbols.

At the end of the design process, our interfaces which successfully reached their targets and met the expectations, took the stage on the control panels of the next-generation cooktops.

In the showcase among the technology pioneers

The next-generation cooktops with the new user interfaces designed by SHERPA, have been displayed by Grundig and BEKO at the IFA Berlin (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin), leading international trade show for consumer electronics & home appliances.

The new cooktop interfaces that attracted hundreds of visitors from all around the world and had been experienced personally by many curious users, have been found impressive both in design and usability.

It's a fact that technology is gradually removing all the boundaries on the planet, and also it should be accepted that design is one of the important factors accelerating this process. We are so proud to build up a design that removes the language-barrier which maybe the most important problem preventing people to reach technology.

Özgür Mutlu Öz
Özgür Mutlu Öz

Arçelik - UX/UI Design Manager

At Arçelik Group, thanks to our user-focused design philosophy, we do not see our products as objects that fulfill only function. We see them as tools that provide emotional comfort as well as a strong bond through the experience and also the benefits. In this context, a cooktop is not just a heat-generating product for us, but an experience design together with the functionality, technology, and emotions experienced during use.

In the next-generation induction cooktop project, we had worked to define the cooking experience from scratch with cooperation of SHERPA, the team who know our brands and point of view very well. The reactions we received when the first prototypes prepared after an intensive work met users at the IFA Berlin confirm the correctness of our work in the process. We have already started working on new projects with SHERPA, while counting the days just before the mass-production.

I think that the basis of our success is the concordant teamwork and I thank the entire SHERPA team for their contribution in the process.