About the project

Axion as part of TANI, provides solutions to major brands in order to let them know their customers better and improve the efficiency of their products and services successfully.

At the time they knocked on SHERPAs’ doors to improve their sales process from pre-sale to after sales, they had an important question in their mind: “How can we achieve this in the best way possible?”

We jumped right in to a detailed analysis and we helped them define their requirements by discovering their sales process and the assets that need improvements.

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A better service experience

The word “user” often reminds us the end users. But this time we are talking about different user groups; sales and project management teams. How can we help them to improve their customer satisfaction by providing a faster and more efficient service and also to obtain new customers?

Here in SHERPA, our user experience design processes are based on clear business objectives. When Axion shared their business objectives with us, we realized once more that how little details could affect the results. We had a big and and an important goal to accomplish, and the most important of all, we were working for a project owner whose biggest objective was to achieve this very success. So, what were the things we should consider this?

We teamed up with Axion to define the requirements and to come up with a solid roadmap.

Getting to know Axion

Firsty, we needed to get to know Axion better and analyse all their processes in detail to define all positive and improvable points in order to improve their sales and service experience.

To hear about their business dynamics and to get answers to our questions, we had 9 internal meetings and 5 meetings with the Axion team. During these meetings, we classified Axion’s business processes, their communication channels and the deliverables of these processes in order to map their current journey.

What do we currently have?

From their website to their email and report templates, we analyzed all of their communication channels and materials which were paying a big role in their communication with their clients. Therefore, we were able to learn about the specific attributes of their interaction with their clients, so that we could draw the big picture from an outsider point of view.

A day at the Axion office

We weren’t satisfied with only analysing their communication materials. In order to get the best information about their business, we spent a day at their office.

During the day, we interviewed with the members of Axion team. We asked a number of questions to each team member to pinpoint their productive approaches as well as the “risk generators”. Our goal was to build empathy and them and feel like one of them, so that being able to learn about the orientation processes and the Axion experience from their point of view. At the end of the day, we left the Axion office with detailed information regarding the reflection of their brand statement to their business processes.

Erinç Evrim İman
Erinç Evrim İman

Digital Marketing Solutions / Product Manager

The best part of working with SHERPA is to always get together with genial people. It was a cheerful process from co-working sessions to meetings. SHERPA not only owned our project at least as much as we did - sometimes even more, but they also did well in issue tracking. They focused on our requirements and understood our needs, therefore they carried us a step further with their solutions. They always made us feel like as we’re in the same team and they proved that working with them was the right decision.

What do they think about Axion?

During the analysis, we got plenty of information but we were curious about what their target segments were thinking abotu Axion. WHat were their needs and what was the motivation which led them to consider Axion. Above all of that, how were Axion and its competitors positioning themselves in the market?

In order to map Axion and its competitors, we analysed their web presence using SimilarWeb in detail. Besides that, we also did a competitive analysis to learn more about their communication materials, their content and their tone of communication.

This gave us certain information about the improvable points of their sales and service experience. The requirements were coming out one after another, clarifying the steps we should include in our road map.

So, what should be out starting point?

a road map

Having defined the objectives, the perception by the target segments, and the positive and negative aspects of their experience, we almost started to feel like an Axion team member. Now, it was the time to sort out our next steps according to their importance and priorities, so that we could come up with a solid business plan.

From digital communication materials to business presentations, we documented our improvement suggestions as a road map. We finalized our road map by working in collaboration with the Axion team and started working to improve the Axion experience according to this plan.


Our fingers are crossed to witness them generating new leads and customers with the help of their brand new experience!

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