An effective UX strategy in just 60 minutes

Developing a strong strategy is always a challenge. And it gets even harder when you need a digital strategy to follow. We know it, because we have been there, repeatedly. So, to get you up to speed, our team is at your service.

Our experts are vastly experienced, quick on their feet, and coming from different backgrounds. All they need is to get to know your product!

Jane Portman sowed the seed, and inspired us for creating this service. In a 60 minute session, we offer you a roadmap that will help you meeting users’ needs and capitalizing on the competitive advantages of your idea. No balderdash! Every single detail is valuable.
Here is how it works.

Well planned set up

Upon your application, we set the date and time of your call, subject to your availability. In the meantime, two of our experts dive into your digital product or idea before connecting with you for a 60 minute video call.

Tailored solutions

We unite our insights with your objectives and priorities in the session. The result is a tailored UX strategy and practical hypotheses for quick wins. In the end, you walk off with a clear roadmap for your UX strategy and practical hypotheses for the quick wins.

Follow up support

You can ask us anything about the call in the following week. We stay at your service for 7 more days to help you with anything by answering your questions in 3 days.

Let us lead you to a better UX strategy

€500 + VAT

We share a brand new product idea in UX Strategy Call. The team is so experienced that they have found the core of our product simply by asking 5 questions. We are still using the findings and notes we collected in the strategy call. And needless to say, afterwards we started work with SHERPA for a long term.
Çağdaş Polat | HIS Travel - Regional Marketing Manager

Çağdaş Polat

HIS Travel - Regional Marketing Manager

Çağdaş Polat | HIS Travel - Regional Marketing Manager
As a result of the SHERPA’s UX Strategy Call, we gained extremely useful insights. Thanks SHERPA for analyzing Hayat Varlık’s website on macro level and offering us professional solutions. We appreciate it!”
Burcu Şakır - Hayat Varlık Digital Customer Manager

Burcu Şakır

Hayat Varlık - Digital Customer Manager

Burcu Şakır - Hayat Varlık Digital Customer Manager
At first we had some doubts about UX Strategy Call since it is an extraordinary business service. But, SHERPA has done a great job, way beyond our expectations. I highly recommend UX Strategy Call to all startups. It’s effective and budget-friendly.
Ruşen Mat | - Founder & Manager

Ruşen Mat - Founder & Manager

Ruşen Mat | - Founder & Manager

UX Strategy Call Team

Meet the team that will lead your brand’s experience.

Selen Şentürk, Studio Manager
Selen Şentürk
Studio Manager
Burcu Karakurt Gün, Head of Services & Delivery
Burcu Karakurt Gün
Head of Services & Delivery
Alper Gökalp, Head of Strategy & MIS
Alper Gökalp
Head of Strategy & MIS
Tuba Çakır, UX Writer
Tuba Çakır
UX Writer
Bora Kılıç, UX Producer
Bora Kılıç
UX Producer
Tuğba Erdem, UX Strategist
Tuğba Erdem
UX Strategist
Yakup Bayrak, Founder
Yakup Bayrak

Let us lead you to a better UX strategy

€500 + VAT

Just fill the application form and complete your online payment. Then we'll send you an e-email with further details on and arrange the video meeting as soon as possible.

What will you get?

  • 2 experts from SHERPA's UX Strategy Call team
  • 60-minute video call session
  • Session recordings and notes
  • Practical quick win hypotheses
  • Follow up support for 7 days

We need some further information to know you better

Let's start with finding an available date and time for both parties.

The information you’ll share is highly vital for the meeting.

SHERPA UX Strategy Call Event

500.00 + VAT 60 minutes


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