Define user experience issues correctly with UX Audit

If you’re having trouble identifying the pain points in your digital assets regarding usability, you’ll need an expert perspective to reveal them. Right at this point, our exceptionally talented, highly experienced, professional team steps in to examine your products in-depth.

With our UX Audit service, we identify the user experience problems so that you can create a frictionless and positive experience for your users. We present you with three different options —Small, Medium, and Big— with contents ranging from a first impression analysis to UX roadmap so that you can select the one that best suits your needs.

Let’s take a closer look at this vital step that significantly improves the user experience, which in turn leads to an increase in your return on investment (ROI):

  1. Identifying the problem Reveals the instances where users feel negative emotions while engaging with your digital assets using a proven analysis methodology.
  2. Anchor point Provides a comprehensive documentation that will act as a point of reference when building or improving your product or service.
  3. Prioritization Enables you to focus on the most significant areas that will contribute to the user experience by prioritizing all the insights.
  4. Alignment Allows you to examine the areas where business goals and user needs intersect.
  5. Measurement A well-executed user experience analysis opens the door to the identification and tracking of the right metrics, and in result, a measurable UX investment.

Who can benefit from UX Audit?

  • Companies planning to update their digital assets
  • Product owners dedicated to invest in user satisfaction
  • Marketing teams suspecting usability issues in acquisition and conversion paths
  • Product teams with a need for experience enhancing work items in their backlog
  • Product teams looking for ways to establish an analysis and test culture in-house

What do we offer with UX Audit?

First impression analysis


By following Nielsen Norman Group’s usability heuristics for user interface design, we examine your digital assets, prioritize and report the insights.

Digital footprints analysis


Once we get access to your measurement tools, we conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Guerilla usability testing


We uncover insights regarding the user behavior and problems.

Solution hypotheses


We propose our hypotheses on how to solve the users’ problems in the most effective way possible.

Demonstrative user interface design


Based on the findings and the solution hypothesis, we create demonstrative user interfaces.

UX Roadmap


We define success KPI’s, ideal business goals, problems to solve and how to overcome possible roadblocks.

UX Audit packs

  • First impression analysis
  • Practical solution proposals

    In addition to everything in Small option:

  • Digital footprints analysis
  • Guerilla usability testing

    In addition to everything in Medium option:

  • Solution hypothesis
  • Demonstrative UI design
  • UX Roadmap

*Estimated efforts cover web client (desktop & mobile) or mobile client. Corresponding resources and budget will vary in case both are requested.

Turkish Airlines is a customer-oriented company that values customer satisfaction. We know that providing a great, sustainable user experience is key to customer satisfaction. In order to make this happen, we decided to work with SHERPA. With this cooperation, we reviewed our website through the lens of user experience, and spotted areas to improve.
Erkay Değerli | THY VP - Digital Services

Erkay Değerli

THY VP - Digital Services

Erkay Değerli | THY VP - Digital Services
SHERPA’s thorough understanding of our expectations and accurately diagnosing with a high quality analysis guided us to improve “Bilimp” in terms of user experience. SHERPA’s customer communication, solution-oriented work, skillful management of the whole process by leading experts was a unique experience. On behalf of Bilimp, thank you SHERPA…
Osman Akın | Teracity Software General Manager

Osman Akın

Teracity Software General Manager

Osman Akın | Teracity Software General Manager

Frequently asked questions

“Which pack is right for me?”

  • If your time and/or budget is limited, you may prefer the small pack.
  • If you have an analytics platform in place and you believe an audit without user data and user testing will be incomplete, the medium pack would be right for you.
  • If you need solutions and a roadmap in addition to gathering findings and insights, you may consider going for the large pack.

“Do you audit only one digital asset?”

  • Person/hour resources we allocate for UX Audit packs include web client (desktop & mobile) or mobile client. If you like to have both in the scope, required resource and budget will be subject to change.

“If we go for the large pack, do we wait for 60 days to get the reports?”

  • Fortunately no. If you go for the large pack, you receive the first impressions report in 15 days, digital footprints analysis and guerilla usability test reports in 45 days. Finally, we deliver our solutions and roadmap at the end of 60 days.

“Why do you allocate person/hours to packs?”

  • SHERPA works with a time & material business model. We estimate an effort in units of person/hour for every project we dive into. In other words, our business model is subscription based rather than deliverable based. This allows us to be more flexible and transparent in our relationship with project owners. We define the scope and required effort meticulously so that we deliver on time and you can easily calculate the ROI of your experience budget without error.

“What if you exceed the allocated person/hour?”

  • We set resource allocations based on our previous experiences which makes us confident about our predictions. On the other hand, if for any reason (e.g. change in scope) there is a possibility to exceed the allocated resource, we let you know in advance and never apply surcharges without your consent.

“What should we do to continue working with SHERPA after UX Audit?”

  • Well, you wouldn’t be the first! For continuing our collaboration without any time gap, we would kindly ask you to share this request before the end of UX Audit so that we can reserve your resources for the following months upfront.