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Whatever we do, we put the user at the centre of our work. Following our design methodology SHERPATH, from product design to facilitating workshops, our services solely focus on users and their needs.

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Product & Service Design

We design well-functioning and humane digital products & services.

From conception to implementation, we help brands build better products and spur innovation by well-rounded UX teams we put together. SHERPATH paves the way for outcome-oriented, data-driven design practices.

Following the Discover, Ideate, Create and Research steps in our methodology, we always come up with results. All are neat, purposeful, and enjoyable.

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Product & Service Design

Design is our tour de force!

UX Research

Start with research, always. Kick things off by framing the landscape to understand the product, the medium and the user. We conduct qualitative and quantitative UX research by employing well-known methods like usability test, contextual interview, A/B testing in every step of our design process.

UX Strategy

A rigorous UX strategy with clear and measurable objectives. We believe that having a UX strategy at hand is a must for goal-driven design decisions.

UX/UI Design

We strive to come up with the "right" design for users. Redesigning or optimizing a product, our goal stands as it is, understanding needs and designing optimal solutions. No matter the device, every digital interface is a field of design for us.

Service Design

Going beyond digital interfaces, we literally delve into every aspect of a product. From backend services to technological infrastructures, printed documents to call-centre scripts, we define problems, uncover expectations and map out connections.

UX Optimization

Whether we roll our sleeves to design a new product or improve one, we repeat the same cycle: Analysis > Hypothesis > Test. Our goal is simple, forging a stronger bridge between business goals and user needs, bit by bit, iteratively.

UX Consultancy

Lightning-fast guidance for you and your users.

Our collective know-how and expertise are at your service. We love incorporating qualitative and quantitative analysis to uncover improvement areas in our UX Audit service and sharing our insights on how to go forward with your product or service in a 60-min UX Strategy Call. As long as we reach you or your product, we can help.

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UX Consultancy

Lightning-fast guidance for you and your users.

UX Audit

We are offering an X-ray of your product: an expert analysis in accordance with the heuristic standards, coupled with an analytics report. Hard to produce, easy to put into work.


UX Strategy Call

60 minutes are enough for us to figure out how to level up your business. That’s why we designed a compact service for you, UX Strategy Call: a well-orchestrated video call session to enlighten your way towards a robust experience strategy.


UX Training

Acquire practical UX know-how from top-notch experts.

One of our founding principles is “providing guidance”. And our training courses are merely a reflection of our desire to provide guidance and share hands-on expertise. It is a mutual way to build sustainable, human-centric experiences on digital mediums.

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UX Training

Pick a course and add new skills to your toolkit!

Design Thinking Training

Design thinking proposes one of the best ways to solve problems and meet users’ needs. The good thing is you don't have to be a designer, it is completely learnable. As a team of UX researchers, strategists and designers, we focus on the essence of design thinking, in theory, and practice.

Usability Training

Learn how to approach user needs from a UX perspective in thoughtfully crafted in-house workshops guided by SHERPA experts. We start with the key elements of usability, from learnability to satisfaction. Then we tap into usability testing and its significance. If you will, we spice it all up with some practice to solidify theoretical knowledge.

A triumphant strategy in a 60 minute video call

Meet UX Strategy Call. We explore your product, service or business plan; and come up with a clear roadmap. Because to be honest, all need a good UX strategy.

User experience analysis of your digital assets

Meet our UX Audit service; where we analyze your digital products thoroughly, pinpoint user pain points, prioritize and report actionable insights regarding usability.

How do we work?

Our culture is based on how we do what we do. All the components of our culture are collected in our SHERPA Playbook.

We believe in team play.