We design today’s and
tomorrow’s user experience. (UX)

Our approach is very simple: we define your problem and design the best solution. We join our forces with your team, by providing our user experience (UX) centered analysis, research, strategy and user experience (UX) design services, to match your products and services with your users’ needs.

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Which services do we offer?

Requirements Discovery
Let us define your requirements through your user's or customer's journey and beyond.

It’s difficult to list and express your requirements to a business partner, when you are not sure what your problem is. Depending on the scope of your project, it takes experience and expertise to identify the type and the scale of your requirement.

We provide our knowledge and intelligence for you to define the requirements for the solution you need in terms of business plan, user experience (UX), and customer journey. We deeply analyze your data, help you improve your productivity and hopefully maximise your ROI. We provide the following deliverables:

  • UXAAR! - UX Analytics Audit Report
  • Project Objectives and Opportunities Analysis Report
  • Project Scope Document
  • Draft Production and Resource Plan

User Experience Analysis
We measure your users' interactions with your user interface (UI) design.

What do your users do? What are their behaviour while using your product or service? What is the user flow they follow? And most importantly, how do all these affect your business? In order to find the right answers to these questions our UX Analysis Team analyzes your user experience (UX) data, defines your problems and provides suggestions. We provide the following deliverables:

  • UXAAR! - UX analytics audit report
  • Usability Analysis

Content Strategy and Information Architecture
Let us build the foundation of your user experience (UX) design

The user is in the center of your success, and content is in the center of your user experience (UX) design. We design the best content strategy for your personas, business goals and user flow; we create, manage and optimize your content. We provide the following deliverables:

  • Content Audit and Requirement Analysis Report
  • Content Creation and Management
  • Content Mapping
  • Experience Identity Creation

User Experience Strategy and Design
We design your user experience

We become a part of your team to define the user-centered user experience (UX) strategy for your product or service. We aimed the best interactions and interfaces with ideal UX design. We provide the following deliverables: (As an addition to User Experience Analysis and Content Strategy and Management)

  • Persona Definiton
  • User Story Creation
  • User Journey Design
  • Lo/Med/Hi Fidelity Wireframe Design
  • Interaction Story Creation
  • User Interface Design

Conversion Optimization
Let us increase your ROI

Can’t you get the most ROI from your digital assets? Are you curious about what are the causes of this? We uncover your hidden costs and potentials for added gain and turn those into concrete recommendations, be it data-driven user experience (UX) design; copy or structure based solutions. We evaluate every approach by running iterative tests to identify which solution has worked better and by how much.

  • UXAAR! - UX Analytics Audit Report
  • KPI Definition
  • Measurement System Implementation and Optimization
  • Conversion Oriented Hypothesis Development
  • A/B Testing
  • Conversion Oriented Hypothesis Report

UX Strategy Call
A triumphant strategy in
a 60 minute video call

Meet UX Strategy Call. We explore your product, service or business plan; and come up with a clear roadmap. Because to be honest, all need a good UX strategy.


UX Audit
User experience analysis
of your digital assets

Meet our UX Audit service; where we analyze your digital products thoroughly, pinpoint user pain points, prioritize and report actionable insights regarding usability.


How do we work around experience design?

Our culture is based on how we do what we do. All the components of our culture are collected in our SHERPA Playbook.


How do we create the ideal user experience?

We collected all the details of our methodology from defining the problem to designing the solution and release in this interactive document.


What can we help you?

We want to share our expertise, experiences and talents with your brand. Can you provide some starter information for us to provide a quote by SHERPA?


We believe in team play.